The Colour Collective – Interventions with Purpose 

My side projects include the Colour Collective brings together three award-winning creatives. We focus on colour design interventions and evidence-based colour strategies in the built environment and urban design.

We’re currently working on project submissions and colour interventions for local councils and community art projects. Our focus is on supergraphics to encourage engagement, and improve orientation and wayfinding in the broader urban environment.

We’re also planning to launch the Australian | Colour | Awards. These will be open to all creatives who use colour in original and innovative ways.

Instagram @Cinema.Palettes

I create content for @Cinema.Palettes, simple colour palettes that illustrate the ways in which colour contributes to impact, meaning, storyline, character development plus mood and ambience in film, music videos and television.  To check out @Cinema.Palettes go to Instagram

Instagram @Colour.Design.Palettes

I also create content for @Colour.Design.Palettes, simple colour palettes that illustrate a range of colour terms (such as Tertiary colour, Warm and Cool colours) as well as the design aesthetic of key interior designers, fashion designers and prominent architects and design styles.  To check out @Colour.Design.Palettes go to Instagram