The Colour Collective Sydney

Founded in 2017, the Colour Collective Sydney is a group of award-winning creatives and design professionals. In addition to supporting colour activations in design, built environment, branding & more, we hold public talks, workshops, seminars & sponsor colour-related awards. Instagram @the.colour.collective

Zena O’Connor, colour, design + research – website and LinkedIn
Naomi Shaw, film producer – LinkedIn
Jonathan Watcham, business coach, content & strategic advice – website and LinkedIn
Melissa Ward, architect and designer – website and LinkedIn
Geoffrey Gifford, artist/designer – LinkedIn

Colour: Beyond Aesthetics

Colour: Beyond Aesthetics View Post

Colour Psychology seminar

Colour Psychology seminar View Post

Colour insight – MCA Sydney

Colour insight – MCA Sydney View Post

Colour Insight: Olafur Eliasson

Colour Insight: Olafur Eliasson View Post