The Colour Collective Sydney

A  not-for-profit organisation, directors of the Colour Collective Sydney include award-winning professionals and creatives. Our mission is to initiate and support colour activations and interventions in design, art, architecture and branding. Plus, deliver public talks and events, workshops and seminars, awards, and tours. 

  • Zena O’Connor, PhD. Evidence-based colour consultant – website and LinkedIn
  • Naomi Shaw, producer and management consultant – LinkedIn
  • Nadine Donazzan, founder of DNA Design and The Colour Collective Tours – website and LinkedIn
  • Geoffrey Gifford, artist and designer – website and LinkedIn
  • Melissa Ward, architect and designer – website and LinkedIn

To meet the mission of the Colour Collective Sydney, we have a series of workshops, award sponsorships and events planned for 2019. On 21 March, we celebrated International Colour Day at the fabulous Caroma on Collins. This event brought together a multitude of architects and designers for our keynote speaker, Nuha Saad.

Check the Colour Collective Sydney website for a complete list of forthcoming workshops. In addition, Nadine Donazzan is planning colour-focused tours to Morocco (2019), France (2020) and beyond. For Colour Collective Tours, check out the website.

The Colour Collective Sydney is excited to be again involved in sponsoring the Master Painters Colour Awards 2019.

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