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Colour conveys confidence. This is exactly what many of the competitors in the Australian Open 2016 know when it comes to on-court fashion. Suzanne Carbone wrote about this phenomenon recently in an article: ‘Australian Open 2016: Players serve up bold colours in on-court fashion parade’. Suzanne asked me to contribute commentary on the topic and the article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in January 2016.

Bold, highly saturated colours featured amongst the on-court fashions at the Australian Open 2016. While competitors often wear colours of their sponsors, many add bold, highly saturated colours as a way of conveying impressions of confidence and competitive advantage. Players like Serena Williams are renowned for on-court clothing that makes a bold statement.

As noted in the article, the Australian Open is in stark contrast to the all-white Wimbledon tournament.  To read the full Sydney Morning Herald/The Age article, go to their website.

Image of Serena Williams by Cameron Spencer.


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