Colour Encyclopedia chapters

Colour Encyclopedia chapters – I was chuffed to be asked to contribute to the Encyclopedia of Color Science and Technology published by Springer, New York. In each of these chapters, I explored the ways in which colour has been discussed and applied:

  • Color Field Painting
  • Color Harmony
  • Color Psychology
  • Optical Art

Edited by Ronnier Luo, the Encylcopedia provides an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the concepts of color to all fields of science and technology.  Many topics are discussed in this reference, including an introduction to the science of colour, plus entries on the physics, chemistry and perception of colour. Colour is described as it relates to optical phenomena of colour and continues on through colourants and materials used to modulate colour and also to human vision of colour. The measurement of colour is provided as is colorimetry, colour spaces, colour difference metrics, colour appearance models, colour order systems and cognitive colour.

A range of experts in their fields contributed including José Luis Caivano, Ellen C. Carter, Paul Green-Armytage, Rolf G. Kuehni, Roy Osborne, Georges Roque, Lois Swirnoff, and Stephen Westland.

The Encyclopedia is available online from Springer here.

Hard copies of the Encyclopedia are available from here.

Image credit: Rebecca Baumann’s ‘Automated Colour Field’ (2011), Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

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