Colour Forum: AGNSW


I was asked to participlate in a Colour Forum held at the Art Gallery of NSW on 14 August 2010. The Colour Forum was held in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Paths to Abstraction: 1867-1917’.

The panel for this Colour Forum included myself as well as distinguished Cambridge academic Dr John Gage (author of ‘Colour and Meaning’ and ‘Colour and Culture’) and National Art school lecturer David Briggs.

In preparation for the Colour Forum, I undertook research that focused primarily on the works in the exhibition. I found it fascinating to explore the role that colour played in the development of abstract art. Some artists chose to delete colour from their works altogether; while others made colour a central feature of their works.

After the Colour Forum event, Coordinator of Public Programs Josephine Touma said, “The Colour Forum was a raging success…the Gallery had the unhappy task of turning away an estimated 300 people. A totally unprecedented turn-out for the Forum”.

You can find out more about this exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW website.


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