Colour Interventions With Purpose

Colour interventions with purpose – Zena O’Connor

Colour interventions, murals and supergraphics are cost-neutral passive design elements that can achieve a range of positive outcomes.

Specifically, colour interventions, murals and supergraphics can:

  • Enliven, transform and activate underused public areas;
  • Encourage and enhance engagement;
  • Create differentiation between different areas or differently used areas;
  • Serve as landmarks for orientation;
  • Create visual pathways and routes for wayfinding
  • Reinforce branding in commercial environments;
  • Improve environmental visual literacy and improve safety;
  • Provide a means to showcase the creative output of artists and designers.

Colour interventions, murals and supergraphics are becoming more evident in a ramge of environments including urban areas, retail, hospitality, commercial office environments, retirement and aged care facilities.

This design has been submitted to Bondi Beach sea wall mural project, an initiative by Waverley Council aimed at promoting artists and encouraging art, design and street art culture along this famous beach. The colours are bright and cheerful, reflecting colours often associated with seaside activities. The design references maritime signaling traditions, serving as a reminder that Sydney is still a working harbour and acknowledging the city’s connection with sailing and trade.  Bondi Beach pivots between it’s famous beach, sand, surf and seaside activities and the sailing boats, cruise ships and freighters that pass Bondi on their way via Sydney Harbour to destinations across the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

Many local councils are initiating mural colour intervention projects to enliven and transform public spaces and champion the output of local artists.  In 2017, North Sydney Council approved a community project that involved the colour transformation of two picnic huts in Kesterton Park.

Many workplaces, educational, hospital and aged care facilities are incorporating murals, supergraphics and colour interventions. These are frequently added to provide visual interest but more importantly to transform and enliven public areas, encourage engagement plus support orientation and wayfinding strategies.

I frequently work with architects and designers as well as the Colour Collective on colour interventions. The Colour Collective is a collection of like-minded designers who collaborate on projects.

For more information about the Bondi Beach Sea Wall initiative, go to Waverley Council’s website




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