Colour Psychology Workshops

In these workshops, participants explore Evidence-based Colour Psychology. Specifically, the origins of Colour Psychology and evidence-based research findings and information about human responses to colour.

Practical exercises are blended with information that is relevant, reliable and scientifically-robust. As a result, participants gain valuable insight into the ways that colour may impact emotional, judgemental and behavioural responses to colour.

All participants receive a comprehensive and detailed Colour Psychology workbook for future reference.

For a full list of forthcoming Colour Psychology workshops, go to the Colour Collective website.

Continuing Professional Development – 3 CPD points. These workshops include specific learning outcomes and assessable activities. In addition, the workshops link to specific competencies to enable architects and designers to earn formal CPD points.

Colour has the capacity to convey meaning often more effectively than words. In design, architecture, branding and advertising, evidence-based colour psychology information can be invaluable.

However, there is a jumbled history of colour psychology beliefs and theories, and these workshops help participants sort fact from fiction.

Colour psychology is often underpinned by beliefs about colour. As a result, these workshops focus on colour symbolism and the variations in colour beliefs across different cultures. Colour psychology and colour symbolism are examined via group discussions, exercises and insight activities.

Zena O’Connor, PhD – Evidence-based colour consultant, Design Research Associates.