Colour Scheme Development

This project was challenging!

Located at Manly Wharf, The Grant at 43-45 East Esplanade, Manly, is a two building complex comprising commercial and retail at street level, and residential apartments above.

The challenge was to develop facade colour scheme options that enhanced the building design and worked with neighbouring buildings.

To enhance building design, mid tone grey was selected for the rooftop area to camouflage the water tower and additional rooftop elements. Colour selection at this level involved findings hues that match the tonal value of the sky on a sunny day and an overcast day.

In addition, shadow grey was recommended to camouflage the vertical wall sections separating each residential apartment to give greater visual emphasis to the horizontal planes of the building.

A key challenge in developing the colour scheme options was the colours of neighbouring buildings at both street level and upper storeys. These colours varied from grey upper storeys at left of The Grant, which also featured Victorian Heritage colour palette on the terraces at street level.

The colours of the buildings to the right of The Grant featured a contemporary ‘New Neutrals’ colour scheme at street level and a blue apartment building above.

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