Colour Theory Debate

I was invited to participate in a debate that focused on colour theory at Color Impact 2020.

Color Impact 2020 was originally planned as a multi-day conference to be held at Yale University in New Haven; however, due to Covid-19, the conference became an online symposium.

My participation involved a Point/Counter Point debate with Maggie Maggio wherein I presented a defense of traditional colour theory. This debate arose as a result of calls to amend traditional colour theory to reflect the science of colour. Whilst this is a interesting endeavour, many aspects of traditional colour theory continue to have relevance in respect to colour application across many diverse sectors.

Numerous constructs arising from traditional colour theory have evolved into a language understood by those across many sectors including commerce, industry, manufacturing, film design as well as branding and advertising.

Here’s a link to the Color Impact 2020 Symposium schedule

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