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Prue Lewington wrote this tongue-in-cheek Telegraph article about the “best dress” a woman can own. Drawing on input from fashion experts, the article focussed on finding a dress that conveyed a professional look while also contributing to a slimmer silhouette. My input focussed on colour and I suggested red – a colour that has attentional advantage. In addition, I mentioned research that indicates red has an almost aphrodisiac effect on straight men.

A recent series of five research experiments examined perceptions of women by men, and found that “red, relative to other achromatic and chromatic colors, leads men to view women as more attractive and more sexually desirable”. Red clothing is considered as important as the waist-hips ratio and facial symmetry. However, “red doesn’t influence men’s perceptions of overall likeability, kindness or intelligence” (Elliot & Niesta, 2008, p1159).

I also mentioned that research supports anecdotal evidence that colour influences perceptions about size. In terms of fashion colour choices, a darker tone may make a silhouette appear slimmer.

You can read the full Sunday Telegraph article of 25 May 2014 on their website.

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