Elements & Principles of design

Vanity-Fair-layout-2 Zena O'Connor

Elements and Principles of Design: Tools to Identify, Analyse and Evaluate the Visual.

This is the title of one of two chapters I contributed to a recently published book. ‘Researching the visual: Demystifying ‘the picture that worth a thousand words’ was edited by Arianne Rourke and Vaughn Rees,and published by Common Ground Publishing, 2014.

The aim of the chapter was to identify and discuss key elements and principles of design. The chapter also highlights the way these can be used as tools for applied design and visual communication to create focus and convey communication aims. The chapter also discusses the ways in which elements and principles of design can be used to analyse and evaluate visual imagery. Key elements and principles of design are discussed and illustrations clearly indicate the way in which these are used in applied design and visual communication. Foundational knowledge for applied design, elements and principles of design have been included in design curriculum since mid twentieth century.

This image features one of the illustrations in the book chapter: a page from Vanity Fair magazine and the way in which red has been used to draw the eye to the headline and then around the page to key areas of interest.

The book is available from Amazon.com

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