Evidence-based Colour Psychology


colour psychology zena o'connor

I was invited to dicuss evidence-based colour psychology on The Daily Edition, Channel 7, on 2 July 2015.

The Daily Edition is hosted by Sally Obermeder and Tom Williams. In this discussion, I focused on evidence-based colour strategies and the capacity of colour to impact human response. Research indicates that colour, depending on context, can have an impact on human behaviour and response. Evidence-based colour psychology also has implications for business and marketing.

The interface between colour and human response is complex. It is an interface that is open to the influence of a range of factors. These factors include individual differences, cultural and social variations, plus contextual and perceptual factors.

For an interesting perspective on colour psychology, check out my paper: ‘Colour Psychology and Colour Therapy: Caveat Emptor’. This paper can be found in my publications list here.

The Daily Edition screens on Channel 7 every weekday at 2:00pm. You can find out more about the program at their website.

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