Evidence-based Colour Responses

This TV interview focused on responses to colour was broadcast on the Daily Edition, Channel 7 on Wednesday 20 February.

In this interview with Sally Obermeder and Ryan Phelan, I talked about a range of evidence-based responses to colour. The first topic revolved around the impact that a red dress can have on Western heterosexual males. Research indicates that a women in a red dress has just as muc impact on a primal level as waist-hips ratio and facial symmetry.

Colours such as yellow and blue have a range of different connotations. Yellow is considered by some to be cheerful and positive. However, yellow also alludes to sickness and quarantine, and has negative connotations.

While some people regard blue as calming, many people find blue depressing and cold.

In addition, we talked about multi-coloured logos. Logos that feature multiple colours include the Olympics logo as well as the logos of Opal cards and Ebay. The multiple colours in these logos visually convey inclusivity and diversity, irrespective of generational cohort, cultural experience and gender.

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To check out the interview, click this link.