Journal of Urban Design

I provide evidence-based facade colour reports and colour scheme options for private residences, apartment buildings and commercial buildings.  These reports include information about local government facade colour regulations and guidelines, Heritage Office recommendations and take into account contextual colour.

In 2011, I published a peer-reviewed paper in the prestigious Journal of Urban Design (2011):

Facade colour and judgements about building size and congruity. Journal of Urban Design, 16 (3), pp397-404.

The paper discussed the ways in which facade colour can influence judgements about building size and congruity. It came out of my PhD research which investigated responses to facade colour within the context of planning policy.  My research indicated that facade colour has the capacity to influence judgements about building size. Buildings with facade colours that match the colours of the surroundings appear less bulky and marginally smaller. Buildings with facade colours that contrast with the surrounding colours appear marginally larger. This is particularly the case for facade colours that are lighter and brighter than the contextual colour.

In addition, a building will be perceived as more congruous with its surroundings if the facade colour is similar to the surrounding colours. Contrasting building facade colours tend to make a building seem less congruous with the surroundings.

This paper has since been cited by numerous authors and is available to download from my profile page at

You can also view the paper at the Journal of Urban Design website.