Colour Awards Sponsorship

It was an honour to judge and present the Master Painters Colour Awards at the 2018 Annual Awards for Excellence.

There are two categories in the Master Painters Colour Awards – Commercial and Residential. The projects in each category were all highly worthwhile projects and it was a difficult decision to select the winners.

The winner of the Commercial category was 162 Goulburn Street, Sydney. This project featured a colourful mural painted across the full street facade. The mural represented an effective application of hue and tonal value gradations (841 individual colours) across the multi-storey building. From a broader perspective, the large-scale mural serves as a visually effective colour intervention in theurban setting.

The winner of the Residential category was 6A Lower Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay. This project featured contemporary colours and tones, giving the building strong curb appeal. The allocation of colours and tones reflected the aims and purpose of the project in a way that was cohesive with the architectural style and design of the building.

In sponsoring the Colour Awards, I donated two Kolormondo Pro colour globes as prizes for the two winning projects. These were donated on my behalf as well as the Colour Collective – see Instagram.

Information about the Master Painters Association Awards for Excellence here.



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