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2021 is off to a good start with not one but two peer-reviewed articles published in one of the leading journals on colour: Color Research and Application.

The first paper ‘Tactical Urbanism: Colour interventions with purpose’ was a paper initially presented at AIC2020 – the annual conference of the International Colour Association and it will be published in a special issue of the journal. The paper focuses on a small research study, the findings of which will be used to initiate two colour interventions in Sydney.

The second paper, which arose from the Color Impact 2020 Symposium, is ‘Traditional colour theory: A review’. The paper describes the development of traditional colour theory, its ontological assumptions and epistemological traditions. Given the nature of traditional colour theory, it is not presented as a scientific theory but provides an objective review. The paper also addresses criticisms of traditional colour theory as well as it’s contributions including the numerous constructs that evolved within this branch of colour theory and which have become a lingua franca used by designers, architects and professionals involved with colour application across diverse industry sectors. Care was exercised to avoid any kind of confirmation bias of the theory.

The papers are accessible via Color Research and Application Early View:

Tactical urbanism: Colour interventions with purpose. Color Research and Application (AIC2020 Special issue).

Traditional colour theory: A review. Color Research and Application.

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