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Prue Miller of Sky Business News Real Estate asked me to be an occasional panelist and talk colour for real estate with her and co-host Bridie Barry.

Saturday 10 September 2016. Topics included colour strategies to manipulate perceptions of space in interior design. That is, how to make a room appear more spacious or smaller and cosier. How to change perceptions of long rooms or narrow rooms and alter perceptions of ceiling height.

Saturday 6 August 2016. Topics included saturated colour – high chroma, strong and intense colours.  Research indicates that people tend to respond more to colour saturation than hue.  Early colour research studies focussed mainly on hue and didn’t acknowledge or control for variations in saturation. Pops of saturated colour add visual variety, ‘humanise’ an environment and encourage creativity in the workplace by serving as visual cues that say it’s OK to be creative.

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Saturday 2 July 2016. Topics included colour strategies for home making vs. property sale; how to reduce visual ‘noise’ and create an interior colour scheme that conveys a sense of ‘calm’; and the ways in which front door colour can add differentiation and ‘curb appeal’.

colour psychology-2 Zena O'Connor

Launched in early 2016, Sky News Real Estate is a joint project by Sky News and REA Group. For more information, check out this article by Darren Davidson in the The Australian Business Review here.


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